Project Management Consultancy

AKAL’s project management consultancy is focussed towards Japanese Corporations trying to implement projects in India. Various services offered are as under:

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Capacity Building & Training

We build the capacity of organisations to realise the value of their contribution towards the success of a project in India. We are passionate about training others in our tools and approaches as we believe this is an effective way to make a long-term impact. AKAL focusses in providing direct and on-the-job trainings to the executive officers and staff members of our clients, either as stand-alone activities focusing on specific capabilities or as a comprehensive and integral component of implementing infrastructure projects.

We do this through a range of training courses, workshops, resources and toolkits.

We specialise in providing:

  • Online live practical training courses where anyone can join from anywhere
  • Tailored capacity building training for organisations both face-to-face and online
  • Language & cultural trainings for employment and social integration.
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Tender Assistance

AKAL has rich and diversified experience on working with the government space for least 19+ years liasioning with various departments like PSUs, Central and State bodies and who can handle work projects independently and seamlessly.

Our services include:

  • Preparing proposal as per the requirement of client or bidding document.
  • Understanding of bidding documents and identifying important points from bidding Documents.
  • Preliminary Survey -Enquiry generation- Tech Commercial Offer, Offer to follow up-Commercial Negotiation- Receipt of Order.
  • Liasioning with Govt sectors for company name inclusion in forthcoming tenders & enquiry.
  • Vendor Registrations
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IT & Asset Management

AKAL employs a dedicated team of specialists to provide customized information systems. We design and develop online systems to help our clients around the world gather, organize and manage their data.

Our Services include:

  • Asset management Systems
  • Compliance reporting systems
  • Data digitization and management
  • Information system audits and assessments
  • Traditional Knowledge mapping and data management
  • Automating field data collection systems

Meet Our Adviser


Member Electrical, Railway Board (Retired)
(Ex. Officio - Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Railways)

36 years of versatile experience on Indian Railway governing all aspects i.e. Project Management, Technical & operational areas, HRD, R&D, Economic and Social activities. Read More